Western Suburbs Radio Club - ZL1AC Auckland New Zealand

 Next meeting - Saturday 20th January 2018 10.00am - All Welcome


3000 Great North Road  New Lynn  West Auckland NZ   10.00am  

Club EchoLink® Will Close Jan 2018 due to relocation


Club EchoLink®

Click here for an Echolink Presentation 

146.550mhz Club Frequency and Echolink  -  Node:960059

Use this simplex frequency to catch up with other club members or to use the Echolink Repeater.
Available to all Licenced Radio operators.
EchoLink® allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another, using streaming-audio technology.   Connections can be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio's communications capabilities.  There are more than 200,000 validated users worldwide — in 151 of the world's 193 nations — with about 5,200 online at any given time.
The Link (ZL1AML-L) is located in an elevated rural site, situated in Swanson West Auckland - RF73gc - 50watts FM - Vertical Homebrew - 5/8 antenna.

The node number for working this Link (when you are out of the Auckland area)   from another Echolink Site is Node: 960059 - Use this node to work back up into Auckland.

146.550mhz FM

To connect to this Link in Auckland, tune up 146.550mhz FM &  press the PTT button on your DTMF microphone and key in *
Release the PTT button and if you are in range, the Link will send back its ID
You can then key in the node number for the worldwide network of repeaters/Links you wish to call.
Key in # to disconnect the node you have been working when finished.

Part of A chain of Echolink stations providing mobile coverage from Auckland to SW Waikato:

146.550MHz ZL1AML-L Swanson West Auckland Dial 960059

146.450MHz ZL1LINK-L nr.Pukekohe N.Waikato Dial 5223

147.225MHz ZL1SQ-Rptr Te Awamutu Dial 510226

Click here for Echolink nodes available and online

Some common DTMF commands:
Connect : Connect to a station/Link, based on its node number:  Enter node number
Play Info: Plays a Help  message:                                                                                   *
Disconnect node:                                                                                                                       #
Status: Announces the call sign of each station currently connected:               * 08