Net Schedule

HF Nets -Local Time 29-11-2017


3.810mhz Bch 80. Hibiscus Coast. 0745hrs
3.700mhz. Bch 10. Franklin. 0900hrs
3.755mhz. Bch 65. Papakura. 0900hrs
3.710mhz. Bch 42. Titahi Bay 2000hrs
3.595mhz. Duran WIA Net. 2130hrs


3.575mhz. Bch 12. Hamilton. 1930hrs
3.870mhz. O.T.C. 2030hrs


7.096mhz. Ex Post Office Techs. 0900hrs
3.690mhz. QRP ZL2BH. 1930hrs


3.660mhz. Geek Net. 2000hrs
3.645mhz. Bch 02. Auckland. 2000hrs
3.745mhz. Bch 84. Bay of Islands. 2000hrs



7.096mhz. Ex Post Office Techs. 0900hrs
3.690mhz. QRP ZL2BH. 1930hrs
3.696mhz. ZL1OA. 2030hrs
3.666mhz. LF Net. ZL2CA. 2030hrs
3.615mhz. Bch 89. R.E.G. 2030hrs


3.850mhz. SPAM. 2000hrs
3.650mhz. W.S.R.C. 2030hrs


3.650mhz. Christian Fellowship 1930hrs
3.760mhz. 2000hrs
3.600mhz. Bch 62 Reefton/Buller. 2030hrs

Daily or Other

3.696mhz. ZL2OA. 0730hrs
3.750mhz. Southern Net Sunday. 0800hrs
14.315mhz. Pacific Seafarers. 1500hrs
14.300mhz. Pacific Seafarers. 1500hrs
3.760mhz. Home brew Net. ZL1FC. 1730hrs
7.115mhz. VK7OB. Sat/Sun. 1800hrs
3.720mhz. ZL1MO. 1930hrs
3.766mhz. ZL3LE. 1830hrs
3.345mhz. Mountain Radio. 1830/ 2000hrs Winter
3.730mhz. ZL3RP. 0830/2000hrs
3.725mhz. ZL2HN/ZL4RF. 2030hrs
3.677mhz. Counties Net. ZL2MA. 2100hrs
3.595mhz. VK2WI. Sunday. 2130hrs

W.S.R.C – Nets

VHF Net 146.525 MHz 8:30pm every Wednesday,

HF Net
3650 KHz +/- QRM/QRN 8:30pm every Friday. All are
welcome to check in on the nets.

Net Controllers –
25-May-18 ZL1RCA Ian
1-Jun-18 ZL1LK Roy
8-Jun-18 ZL1BAK Graeme
15-Jun-18 ZL1NE John
22-Jun-18 ZL1AF Andrew
29-Jun-18 ZL1RCA Ian
6-Jul-18 ZL1LK Roy
13-Jul-18 ZL1BAK Graeme
20-Jul-18 ZL1NE John
27-Jul-18 ZL1AF Andrew