Why Join Us?

Becoming a member of the WSRC

You Don’t have to be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator to become a Member of the Western Suburbs Radio Club, all you need is a keen interest in Radio. This could be from Short Wave listening, receiving digital packet, weather faxes, listening to scanners or what ever radio hobby you have. We can offer support to you while obtaining you Amateur Radio License.Radio is a great hobby and one of the best ways to get involved is by joining a club.

Why Join the Western Suburbs Radio Club?
When anyone first gets into radio as a hobby, they have questions, lots of questions. Some of the answers can be found in books or online, but like any hobby, Amateur radio has a lingo all its own. For the newcomer, the lingo can be very intimidating. Being in a club allows one to absorb some of the language just by hearing it in context. Most Radio Amateurs are only too happy to explain it to someone else as well.
Where the question of equipment is concerned, the choices are overwhelming. Club members can make sense of the choices and direct the tyro to solutions that make sense for his or her unique situation. People live in different kinds of communities and have different restrictions on what they can put up for antennas. Within the home, the space available for Amateur Radio might be a whole room, or it might be just a little space on a desk somewhere.

Inevitably, at some point the new Amateur Radio operator is going to come up against a problem. It could be equipment related or antenna related or any of dozens of other problems. Trying to work it out alone can be difficult to say the least. If you belong to a club, it is a simple task to ask another member with more experience for help or advice. Down the road, someone will be asking you similar questions and suddenly you realise that you have become the expert that newcomers look to for help.
More Than Just Radio

Most Radio Amateurs have more interests than just Amateur Radio. They may be expert gardeners, woodworkers or collectors. By joining a club and participating actively in it, you can avail yourself of the friendships and social contacts that the club provides. Who knows, you likely bring a skill or an experience level to the club that others will see as valuable too.
Another area where belonging to a club brings benefits is in the area of what I call “the big project.” If there is a need for a tower to be erected, or some other large job, club members can be counted on to band together to get it done, whether for the club as a group, or for the benefit of an individual member. Just remember to reciprocate on the next “big project” for someone else.
Guests are welcome to all our meetings, so come on down and say “Hello”

Subscription Info:
Membership is only $30 Per annum and this gives you access to monthly New Letters and to our Member’s Area on the website. The Member’s area includes – A photo gallery, Tech Documents and other items of interest. Members can upload photos or documents to our “Cloud Storage” for other members to enjoy.
Family Membership – $35 Rural Membership – $10
You can participate in the monthly meetings,
Get involved with the Field Days – CW/Phone contesting.
Become a member of AREC (AREC- Amateur Radio Emergency Communications is the public service arm to amateur radio)
Provide Communications at Public Events
Meet fellow enthusiasts
Mid-Winter and Xmas functions (additional charge)
And much more All this from only $30.00